I can fix this place right up

My column in this week’s magazine runs without my photo logo — a substantial aesthetic improvement — and actually forms the basis for a book I was thinking of writing a couple of months ago. That project’s on hold (i.e. probably Not Gonna Happen) so I thought I’d give you the nub of the argument. It is:

• Parliament’s broken.

• The centre of the problem is Question Period, which is appalling.

• It doesn’t have to be appalling.

• So let’s fix it.

My proposed fixes are designed to produce the largest possible change in outcome with the smallest possible change in practice.

While I’m pointing you to pieces of fine, fine writing, I should also point out that Colleague Feschuk’s column in this week’s magazine continues Scott’s less-than-laudatory coverage of Michael Ignatieff, and is an absolutely dynamite column, chock-full of advice the Ignatious Nation would take, were they wise.

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