If I were an editorial cartoonist

… looking at the spate of recent polls showing massive public hostility to the coalition and all its works, I’d sketch out the following scene for the next day’s paper:

Dion, Layton and Duceppe dressed as US soldiers circa Iraq invasion. They’re about to enter a city, or maybe disembarking from some sort of military transport — anyway, it’s obvious they’re in the first wave. Above them flutters the banner of the Coalition. Just around the corner, however, lurks an angry mob of locals brandishing rifles, bombs, etc., ready to make mincemeat of the unwary threesome.

Dion, oblivious to the impending carnage, is saying to Layton: “Relax, they’ll greet us with flowers.”

Gable, Clement, Aislin: over to you. No charge.

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