Ignatieff and Kenney on what matters

Beyond the inevitable and inescapable scrutiny of the supposed defining traits of the party leaders, what will the next federal election be about? In the wake of yesterday’s by-elections, here’s what a key Conservative cabinet minister and the official Opposition leader had to say on the matter.

In the foyer of the House, commenting to the media on the by-elections, Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney: “The next election will be a fight between a stable Conservative government that can continue to focus on economic growth and a risky and unstable opposition coalition. That will be the choice. I can tell you we think job number one is continued economic growth. And Michael Ignatieff suffered a terrible loss last night; it may in part be because his party is concerned with everything but the economy.”

Down the street at the Chateau Laurier, answering questions at a meeting of the Association of Canadian Community Colleges, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff: “I don’t have 20 priorities. I’ve got to do something about health care; we just can’t sit here and not sustain, defend and improve our national health care system. I’ve got to do something about education and research. I’ve got to make sure we get pension security for Canadians. And I’ve got to do something about rebuilding our prestige on the world stage. That’s four, it’s not 26.”

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