In-and-Out (of her sickbed)

Dear ITQ Readers,

Please excuse Kady’s absence from the blog this afternoon. Although she made a valiant effort to stave off the unfortunately non-metaphorical Campaign Fever that has been going around the Hill like, well, a plague, she wound up spending most of the day lying on her couch in a Dayquil stupour, alternately napping and watching Newsworld. She does, however, have every intention of being back on the job first thing tomorrow morning, since the election isn’t just going to cover itself.

In the meantime, she directs you all to this fascinating story by her Hot Room colleague, Glen McGregor, on the off chance that you haven’t seen it already. Since CanWest doesn’t yet allow for comments on news stories, feel free to use this as an open thread for discussion of election and campaign financing laws, and she will see you in the morning, ideally without the aid of pseudophredine .

P.S. Yes, C/conservative readers, that means leadership debt too. Go crazy!

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