UPDATED: InaugurationWatchWatch: Party Leader Edition

Before heading off to the Embassy, ITQ had the bright idea of conducting an impromptu survey on where the party leaders are planning to watch – or not watch, as the case may be – today’s festivities.

Wait … not watch? Today? Hard as it may be to believe, that may be the case for Stephen Harper.

According to PMO director of communication Kory Teneycke, his boss is in Toronto today, where he will be attending “private meetings related to the budget,” but assures ITQ that that the PM will still get to see history being made — eventually. “I am sure that he will see the coverage tonight when he returns to Ottawa.” Meanwhile, NDP leader Jack Layton joins caucus and staff members for a speech-watching party at the NDP’s Queen Street office.

UPDATE: According to an OLO spokesperson, Michael Ignatieff – or someone in his office, anyway – somehow managed to arrange his schedule so he would be on a plane to Toronto smack in the middle of the Inaugurathon. Maybe he and the PM can get together later and watch a few hours of Tifo’d CNN.

We haven’t heard back from the Liberals or the Bloc Quebecois, but as soon we get an answer, we’ll post an update.