Introducing the Maclean’s bulldog edition

A daily tablet edition devoted to the federal election campaign


This election campaign is one of the closest and most exciting in modern times. To help you keep up with this pivotal campaign, we’ve created the Maclean’s Election Daily, launching Thursday morning.

This daily tablet edition, produced Monday to Friday until election day on Oct. 19, and available by 3 a.m. EDT daily, will deliver reportage from our correspondents across the country, as well as exclusive analysis, features, profiles and commentary. It’s free to download on Apple Newsstand, Google Play, as well as Next Issue users with a free trial or subscription.

Click here for more instructions on downloading.

We have nicknamed our daily tablet edition “the bulldog” as a tip-of-our-hat to that old newspapering tradition of rushing out an edition before the competition. (The term “bulldog edition” may have originated more than a century ago in New York City during an intensely competitive time for newspapers, although there is some uncertainty about this. We do know Citizen Kane tells his wife, “The bulldog’s just gone to press.” To which she replies, “Well, hurray for the bulldog.”)

Hurray for the bulldog, indeed.

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