Irregulars assemble! It’s time for an Inkless Research Quiz!

And there’s only one question:

Who can find the best quote from a senior political leader in Canada, the United States, the UK or Australia on the danger of setting a fixed date (to coin a phrase) in the future for military withdrawal from the current conflicts in Iraq or Afghanistan?

Ground rules:

1. Canadian political leaders will be scored higher than U.S., UK or Australian leaders, but we are Anglosphere-friendly here at Inkless so we’ll take ’em all.

2. Afghanistan scores more highly than Iraq.

3. The more recent, categorical, chest-thumping and dismissive of timetablists and deadline-setters, the better.

If you’re wondering what inspired this quiz, then darling, you just haven’t been paying attention.

Winner will receive a set of virtual steak knives from Bob’s House of You Weren’t Expecting Real Steak Knives, Were You?

Post answers below. I’m afraid I have to ask you not to post links, as our software doesn’t like links and it will wish your post into the cornfield where it will have to sit next to Ryan Sparrow for a while. But be prepared to cough up a link if asked.