Is that a confidence motion I see before me?

Well, on CPAC, that is.

The Bloc Quebecois just proposed an amendment to Government Business #1 – which proposed that the House “take note” of the the possibly-soon-to-go-down-in-Canadian-political-history-as-the-worst-idea-EVER economic and fiscal update. The Bloc, however, appears to feel that the motion would be more reflective of, you know, reality if the motion were rewritten to condemn the EFU instead, which sounds an awful lot like a matter of confidence to ITQ. Poor Barry Devolin – who is currently in the Chair for what must be just his second or third day as a deputy speaker – looked utterly gobsmacked, although to his credit, he didn’t leap out of the Chair, toss off his robes and run screaming from the House, so maybe he does have a future in this gig. He took the motion under advisement, so I guess we’ll have to wait until Peter Milliken shows up to find out if this motion can go forward. If it does, the House may decide the fate of the Conservative minority government much sooner than expected.