ITQ Open Thread: GiornoWatch, Tale of the Tape, Khadr, Green Shift ... you know, whatever

A few quick notes before heading off to the Hill for the first day of the Ethics committee investigation into the Conservative election advertising expense scandal:

  • GiornoWatch will return – as a nooner, or an afterhours evening edition, depending on how the day unfolds
  • Yes, ITQ is all too aware that the Tale of the Tape continues to unspool at a dizzying rate, and has big plans for a comprehensive roundup post covering all the most recent developments  — just as soon as we have a moment to figure out what it all means.

Anyway, as previously noted, ITQ will be spending most of the day in the Railway Room (or is it the Reading Room? I always get them mixed up) where she hopes to nab a front-row seat for today’s committee festivities. Readers who aren’t quite as mesmerized as ITQ by the in and out goings-on, however, are welcome to use this as an open thread to trade horrified reaction and off the cuff conspiracy theories on other breaking – and simmering – stories.

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