UPDATED: ITQ to Little Shop of Tories and Not So Rapid Response: Uh, guys? Anyone awake out there?

UPDATE: And a mere two and a half hours later, we’re told that John Baird – yes, John Baird, not Jason Kenney – will offer his slightly delayed reaction to the Liberal platform at 3:30 p.m. The bad news? He’s doing it out at Lancaster Road, so presumably, they don’t actually want reporters there — other than the duty cameras from the two news networks, which will probably run the post-rant Q&A live, at least. But where is Jason Kenney? Isn’t he the go-to guy for the Permanent Tax on Everything? Don’t tell me they’re actually going to debate the Liberal proposals on an environmental basis, are they?

It’s been an hour and a half since the Liberal platform was released, and we haven’t gotten so much as a “Bah, humbug” from the denizens of the Conservative War Room, who usually manage to whip out Just The Factses on an hourly basis even without a motherlode of new material from the opposition. And yet, so far, it’s been listservio silence from the Tories. Meanwhile, the NDP have offered up Peggy Nash to respond to the Liberal plan, although she’ll be doing so from Toronto, where she is busy trying to fend off the advancing forces of one Gerard Kennedy in Parkdale High Park.

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