ITQDayOffWatch: Last post before I flee, I promise ...

Calling all law-talking guys (and girls) – actual, amateur and armchair alike:

If you want to chat about the latest plot twist in the Cadman Affair — short version: To bolster their attempt to prevent the Liberal Party from “disseminating” the infamous interview, the PM’s lawyers are planning to compel Zytaruk to testify as to the authenticity of the tape — check out the newly revived Dona Cadman Affidavit thread, where Commenter Dennis and I are — actually, not disagreeing at all, from what I can tell, as far as Team Harper’s legal strategy. Anyway, consider this an open invitation to join the discussion.

For extra credit, maybe someone can explain why it is that the law firm representing Stephen Harper has been “instructed” to refer media calls to PMO. That’s — more than a little odd, considering that the PM is suing as an individual, and not as Prime Minister, and the details of his case have absolutely nothing to do with the business of government.

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