Liberal Party to supporters: I love ya, tomorrow

An email from Liberal Party president Mike Crawley, in response to smart-ass heckling about the party’s refusal to respond to Conservative attack ads against their leader:

Dear [insert name]

A few weeks ago, Conservatives hit us with an ugly, Republican-style TV attack ad.

When we asked for your help, you didn’t hesitate. As one of the 3,892 donors who gave some $225,433 to that campaign, I want to thank you for your support.

Now, some of you are asking when we will respond. It’s a fair question.

I know that some of you want us to punch back as hard and as quickly as possible. And I know that even more of you want to make sure our response is strong and principled and offers a positive message about what Liberals stand for.

Though $225,433 is a great start, we cannot win a war of attrition against the Conservatives. And a one-off response that burns through your donations in a day or even a week will change nothing.

We owe it to you to be smart, and develop a long-term strategy that gets real results. And ensures every dollar you invested in us has the maximum impact.

You will not see the results of this work next week, or next month but once developed I am confident it will have an impact. I will keep you informed as our work progresses.

In the meantime, I’d like to get your input.

Please take a moment to answer this quick 30-second survey – so we can make sure your opinion is accounted for as we move forward.

Thank you.

Mike Crawley

National President – Liberal Party of Canada

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