UPDATE: ListeriosisReportWatc ... : Oh, wait, never mind. There it is.

Huh. We didn’t even have time to whip ourselves into a frenzy over the outrageous lack of transparency. Way to ruin a perfectly good 24 hour news cycle, minister:


July 20, 2009 (Ottawa) – Today, I submitted my final report on the August 2008 Listeriosis outbreak to the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food.  This report concludes a six-month-long investigation into a tragedy that cost 22 Canadians their lives.


At the request of the Minister, I will publicly release my report tomorrow at a news conference. The report will also be posted to the Listeriosis Investigation website for public viewing at:

Sheila Weatherill

Independent Investigator

UPDATE: PMO reassures us, via Canadian Press, that there will be no “tinkering” with the report overnight:

The Harper government says it won’t tinker with an independent investigator’s report into last year’s deadly listeriosis crisis before releasing it to the public.

Sheila Weatherill has handed in her report to Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz. She was expected to hold a news conference Tuesday in Ottawa to discuss her findings.

A spokesman for Prime Minister Stephen Harper said the report won’t be edited or altered in any way before it is released on Tuesday.

“We’re looking at the report right now and she’ll present it to the public tomorrow,” Kory Teneycke said Monday.

WELL, SOMETHING’S CERTAINLY UP-DATE: Um, y’all? Maybe I spoke too soon. Check out what just came down the wire — a corrected press release, which is missing rather a lot of the contents of this one.

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