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Maclean’s Live: Jane Philpott in conversation with Paul Wells

Canada’s Indigenous services minister sat down for a candid chat with one of Canada’s best political analysts. Watch it here and check out our liveblog.
Canada’s Minister of Indigenous Services Jane Philpott in conversation with Paul Wells during Maclean’s Live at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa June 20, 2018. Photograph by Blair Gable

A day before Canada recognizes National Indigenous Peoples Day, Minister of Indigenous Services Jane Philpott sat down for a live interview with Maclean’s senior writer Paul Wells at the recently renovated National Arts Centre in Ottawa—the fifth of a monthly series of conversations presented by the Canadian Bankers Association in partnership with the NAC and CPAC. Watch their conversation right here, or catch it on Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. CPAC will also broadcast it at a later date. Tweet along with the hashtag #MacleansLive, and follow our liveblog below for all the highlights. Also! Sign up for our daily politics newsletter, a morning must-read in the nation’s capital.

Why are we doing this, anyway?

Philpott quickly rose to prominence in Justin Trudeau’s cabinet as a capable minister of health. As Wells wrote when Philpott was shuffled into Indigenous services, the rookie MP accomplished a lot in her first portfolio, shepherding assisted-dying legislation through Parliament and overhauling the Canadian Institutes for Health Research—and, in addition to that, chairing a cabinet committee that oversaw 25,000 Syrian refugees enter Canada in short order.

Philpott inherited big challenges when she moved to Indigenous services, many of which she described in a Chatelaine interview last September. Early this year, she opened an emergency Indigenous child-welfare summit, and acknowledged that Indigenous people in Canada are skeptical of federal promises and pledged to build that trust.

Philpott’s conversation with Wells, one of the country’s best-known political analysts and reporters, and the host of the Maclean’s National Leader’s Debate during the 2015 federal election, will cover a variety of topics and included audience questions.

This is the fifth of a monthly series of conversations Wells is conducting with leading Canadian political figures. Last month, he sat down with Jason Kenney, leader of Alberta’s United Conservative Party. In April, he sat down with Katie Telford, chief of staff to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. In March, he sat down with Conservative leader Andrew Scheer. In February, he sat down with NDP leader Jagmeet Singh. Watch those conversations below.

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