The protesters in Iran have been shot to death by the handful. Gangs of police-state thugs rove the streets on motorbikes looking for people to beat. Reporters from foreign news organizations have been deported, jailed, or held in virtual house arrest. Today the largest pro-democracy protest of the week is underway.

From The Guardian:

The numbers at today’s rally are hard to gauge, but our correspondent Saeed Kamali Dehghan, reckons there could be as many as one million people there.

I just spoke to him on a fairly good phone line from Tehran.

He said the demonstration is bigger than Monday’s rally. Many are wearing black and carrying photos of those who died. Some are carry placards calling for a new election not a recount. The shops on the route are closed in support of the rally, he added.

Saeed pointed out that the rally has taken in place in South Tehran where Ahmadinejad claimed to have had a lot of support.

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