New Era of Parliamentary Civility Watch: Now, see, was that so hard?

Heard in the House today, mere moments after QP had careened to a close:

Hon. Ralph Goodale (Wascana, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, given the short duration of this particular sitting of the House before the usual adjournment in December and the conclusion of the current supply period, and given the fact that the standing committees of the House are not yet up and running to be able to receive the estimates and examine them in the ordinary course, I wonder if the government House leader could indicate whether he will make every effort in collaboration with all other parties in the House, to establish the standing committees as rapidly as possible, not taking the full ten days allowed under the standing orders, but as rapidly as possible so that the committees may be seized of these estimates at the earliest possible time and have at least a chance to have a meeting or two before the end of the supply period in December.

Hon. Jay Hill (Leader of the Government in the House of Commons, CPC): Mr. Speaker, the government is very willing to try to negotiate with the other parties to have our membership lists in for all standing committees as quickly as possible, in particular for those that would be seized with the economic situation that faces our country today.

Hear that, committee junkies? Prepare to be seized!