Newsflash: Canadians love the flag, the troops, and that game with a puck.

Take that, Mr. “Passable Imitation of a Beer Label”!*

Yes, on this, the eve of Canada Day — otherwise known as The Day Before The Giornoversary, but more on that in a later post — Angus Reid has released the results of their latest annual plundering of the very soul of our nation, and discovered that … yes, we still get all schmaltzy over the flag, the troops, hockey and multiculturalism, in that order, but aren’t quite as filled with patriot love at the thought of the monarchy, or — sigh — Parliament, which comes dead last on the list. Although really, you have to think that’s at least partly due to the current inhabitants. (May I remind you, Canadians, that you’re the ones who keep electing them? No? Fine, then.) Then again, we’re apparently bullish on the state of our democracy. In fact, with the exception of “the economy”, we’re more proud of every item on the list than we were last Canada Day. Which is nice, really.

Anyway, there are all sorts of fun regional/demographic breakdowns in the PDF file. Enjoy!

*Okay, okay. I promise — no more Just Visiting jokes. For today. Maybe. (By the way, has anyone ever managed to track down a copy of that much-quoted interview where he made that now infamous observation? And was it a “passable”, “passing” or “pale” imitation? I’ve seen all three variants show up in the talking points.)

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