From May: Exclusive: The Liberal Plan to Respond to the Harper Ads. A highlight:

The Conservative advertising campaign against Michael Ignatieff has spurred the federal Liberals to sharply accelerate their fundraising activity so they can pay for a “focused response to the personal attacks” on the new leader, Maclean’s has learned. The Liberals are rushing ahead with a major change to the party’s organization, which only two weeks ago they had planned for the autumn, so they can be ready for a much more robust summer of activity. Emergency meetings of the Liberals’ various governing bodies are underway, with more planned for next week. The goal: a $25 million annual war chest and a vastly expanded grassroots organization to pay for it.

All this excitement was designed to allow a “focused response” to the Conservative “Just Visiting” ad campaign, then 10 days old, and a “much more robust summer of activity.” The average of public election polls in April put the Liberals two points up on the Conservatives. Since then there has been about a 17-point swing to the Conservatives.

Done messing yet?