On the big scary Conservative attack ad (in response to the horrible mean Liberal attack ad) (in response to…oh never mind)

Now that I’ve slept on it, the most interesting question about the Conservative “Just Visiting” ad (posted somewhere down below) is this: is a single, scattershot, web ad, leaked to Stephen Taylor’s blog, the extent of the Conservatives’ campaign against Michael Ignatieff? When they went against Dion, they went quick and very hard, with large-scale long-term ad buys in many markets and across media platforms (radio, TV, net). It was shock and awe on a scale Canadian pre-writ campaigning has rarely seen. And Dion wasn’t even ahead of the Conservatives in the polls. Ignatieff is. Has been for more than a month now. And the Conservatives take out a pea-shooter?

Once again, as I have at nearly every turn since (oh, I’m sure this is only a coincidence, but I might as well say it) since Guy Giorno came to town, I’m left wondering when this Prime Minister is going to boldly and persuasively execute anything.


OTTAWA— A day after launching attack ads against Michael Ignatieff on the Internet, the Harper Conservatives are bringing out the big guns for a sustained and broad negative campaign against the Liberal Leader — launching six spots to run on national TV.

The Conservatives are stepping up their attacks on Mr. Ignatieff in order to end what they suggest has been a “free ride” for the Liberal Leader in the Canadian media.

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