Order an extra box of datesquares for the fifth floor cafeteria — ITQ is coming home.

That is if by “home”, she means “The Hill” – which, as luck would have it, is exactly the case.  After such a long absence — okay, it’s only been a few weeks, but you know what they say about politics — your intrepid liveblogger is, however, a little bit worried that she may be out of the loop, as far as the latest twists in the plot, so why not help her through the reacclimatization process, and tell her what, if any, of the following she should actually spend some time thinking about, in advance of Monday, when both she and the Commons will make their respective triumphant returns:

[polldaddy poll=1640178]

NOTE: This poll is a consultative exercise, and, as such, cannot be considered binding. Don’t make me add a notwithstanding clause, y’all.

UPDATE: I cannot believe I forgot Ruby! The Conspiracy/Musical! Added — and my apologies to advance voters.

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