Pamela Wallin: ’I have not done anything wrong. I am not guilty of any misconduct’


Patrick Doyle/CP

Sen. Pamela Wallin just released the following statement on her expenses. 

As I promised I would, today I personally reimbursed the Government of Canada in the amount which the Senate’s Internal Economy Committee concluded I was not entitled to claim, together with interest on that money.

Personal cheques amounting to one hundred thousand, six hundred dollars and ninety-eight cents ($100,600.98) plus interest were submitted to the Senate Finance Directorate and I have notified the chair of the Internal Economy Committee of this.

Although I fundamentally disagree with the methodology used in arriving at that figure, particularly since the amount was calculated using newly created rules to examine past expenses, I do not want to burden the people of Canada and, in particular the people of Saskatchewan, by engaging in a protracted legal debate about the matter.

I wish to make it clear. I was not treated fairly by the Deloitte review, which was not conducted in accordance with  generally accepted accounting principle, nor have I been treated fairly by the Senate Committee. Evidence that casts doubt on the correctness of the amounts owing was either ignored or disregarded during the review.

When I submitted expense claims, I did so in good faith, honestly believing that the reimbursement was appropriate. If mistakes were made, I am responsible for those, but there was never a deliberate attempt to thwart the travel policy that was in place at the time the claims were submitted.

Unfortunately, the Senate Committee succumbed to a “lynch mob” mentality. There was no regard to procedural or substantive fairness. I am disappointed and angry about the way in which this matter was handled, and any implication that I behaved dishonestly.

I welcome an independent and objective review by the RCMP and I intend to co-operate fully with any such review. I have not done anything wrong. I am not guilty of any  misconduct. Accordingly I will not resign as a senator. I will continue to act for the people of Saskatchewan and Canada, fulfilling the duties of a senator that have been entrusted to me.

I will make no further public comment at this time.

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