Murray and Hall Findlay insist they’ll see Liberal race to the finish

Politics on TV: The three things you need to see

Here are the three things you should not have missed:

  1. Marc Garneau’s exit from the Liberal leadership
  2. Thomas Mulcair on his trip to Washington
  3. The French PM’s visit to Canada

Exit Garneau:

With the announcement that Marc Garneau has dropped out of the Liberal leadership race, Power Play spoke first with Joyce Murray, who affirmed she is in it for the duration. “Even though the spaceman has bowed out, the down-to-earth businesswoman is going on all cylinders,” she quipped. Murray cast doubt on the poll numbers that Garneau cited, saying they were from a robocall. Don Martin also spoke to Martha Hall Findlay, who also confirmed she is staying in because the race needs a substantive, experienced alternative who understands economics, before she listed the problems with Murray’s dead letter co-operation proposal. Hall Findlay also noted the real math to contend with in the race is the equal weighting of each riding’s votes, as opposed to sheer numbers.

Thomas Mulcair:

Power & Politics spoke with NDP leader Thomas Mulcair from Washington DC. After some congratulatory words for the new pope, Mulcair said his trip was an important exercise to get Americans to know who they are as a party, as they are not one of the “old-line parties.” He reiterated his pledge that an NDP government would focus on getting a better price for oil and take care of Canada’s energy security first. In response, Industry Minister Tony Clement said Mulcair has every right to be in Washington, but that his message isn’t one that pursues Canadian interests, and that Mulcair isn’t telling the truth about Canada’s environmental record. Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall hit this point even harder, saying Mulcair was leaving a “path of destruction” for Canada’s energy sector.

French PM:

Don Martin spoke with French Ambassador Philippe Zeller about the visit by French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault. Zeller said the economic and business relationship between our countries is increasing steadily, and that the free trade agreement being negotiated between Canada and the EU covers more than trade, but is also about protecting investments on both sides. Zeller hinted a final decision was likely in weeks. Zeller also spoke highly of Canada’s contribution of logistical support to the mission in Mali.

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