Protest much?

From the Inkless emailbox. Some people have trouble understanding the provenance of these things, so please NOTE that this is, in its entirety, a news release from the NDP:

CREDIBILITY WATCH: New Democrats are ready for an potential election

Other political parties are spinning that the New Democrats aren’t ready for an potential federal election.

There is zero credibility to this spin.  None.  Faced with the third minority government in three elections, New Democrats haven’t missed a beat in readying for the next election.

Campaign manager: Ready. Last week, Jack Layton named current National Director and former Director of Strategic Communications Brad Lavigne as the party’s campaign manager.

Candidates: Ready. The party has 250 ridings with candidates lined up.  (New Democrats prefer that local ridings run nomination meetings, which is a longer process than merely appointing candidates.)

Campaign plane: Ready.  New Democrats have an agreement with Air Canada for an Airbus A-319 – the same plane as the party used in the 2008 election.

Advertising agencies: Ready.  New Democrats have hired Toronto-based Wills and Co. Media Strategies for English and Montreal-based Amen Creation for French language advertising.

Campaign financing: Ready. New Democrats will be spending the legal maximum in this election – the first time the party has been able to make such a commitment two elections in a row. This means that the NDP will spend the same as the Conservatives and the Liberals.  BTW – the New Democrats are welcoming a new store to its downtown HQ, where the long term lease which runs until 2016 will be introducing a new operation. The NDP will invite their friends from the Liberal war room for the grand opening of the bigger and better store later this fall.

Are the other parties ready for an election?  Ask them.

The Conservatives are still struggling to replace Doug Finley as National campaign director since his appointment to the Senate, and Liberals including Ignatieff’s campaign chair are openly saying they don’t want to face the electorate on Employment Insurance:  “We’re not having an election on EI … I don’t hear Canadians clamouring for an election on this issue.” – Senator David Smith, Toronto Star, 28 August 2009

The NDP has already proven they are ready.  Can the Liberals?

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