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PSAC calls on all members to back coalition

OTTAWA — Canada’s largest public servants’ union is planning to join a national campaign to support a coalition that could topple the minority Conservatives.

The Public Service Alliance of Canada is joining a number of groups, including the Canadian Labour Congress, to hold rallies across the country this week to back a Liberal and NDP coalition after the Conservatives failed to provide the much-needed stimulus to kickstart a weakening economy.

The union is also urging its members to call, fax or e-mail their MPs to voice their support for a coalition government…

Public servants are supposed to be non-partisan, but PSAC has always publicly supported “labour-friendly” candidates during elections. 

PSAC president John Gordon rejected suggestions that such a campaign contradicted the bureaucracy’s non-partisanship. “Public servants are taxpayers and they have a right to make a statement on who should be the government or not,” he said late Sunday night. “Just because you work for the public service doesn’t mean you have to abrogate your right to express who should be government. It’s a democratic society.”

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