Rights and Democracy: Notes on the value of a man’s signature

“We are looking to the future. We want the organization to get out of politics at home, and return to promotion of human rights and democratic development abroad. We call upon Parliament to hold public hearings so that facts can replace fantasies, and we can move ahead. Rights and Democracy should be nobody’s football.”

— Seven members of the Rights and Democracy board, including Marco Navarro-Génie, March 22, 2010

“So the combined opposition in Ottawa has forced Parliament to waste its time and taxpayer money holding hearings on Rights and Democracy. It will be a real gong show, a kangaroo court, to try and then convict good Canadian citizens whose only crime is to do their duty to look out for Canadian taxpayers. Get your tickets now, folks. The show opens Tuesday morning.”

— Rights and Democracy board member Marco-Navarro-Génie, eight days later

Both pieces, and I would say especially the second, are picturesque and will reward readers’ close attention.