Road to 2012

Andrew Coyne on why we may not be voting this fall

Oh, about that fall election? Never mind.

UPDATE: It’s just one poll! No way the Grits can back down! They’ve crossed the Rubicon!

Funny, that’s not what Liberal MPS are telling John Ivison

UPPERDATE: That incredible quote from “a senior Liberal” in last week’s Don Martin piece seems worth recalling in this light:

“Wanna hear my analogy to this mess?,” he confided. “The car is ready and moving forward. Unfortunately there’s a cliff straight ahead. But the real problem is that the driver is accelerating because he thinks he can jump the canyon.”

UPPESTDATE: Ivison and Martin seem to be talking to different anonymous Liberals than the anonymous Liberals Jane Taber talks to. Here’s Ivison’s take on last week’s fateful meeting in Sudbury:

One MP said  the mood at the caucus meeting in Sudbury was “near unanimous” against a fall election. Yet, less than an hour after caucus had debated the issue, the Liberal leader emerged to hand down his decision. “We might as well have stayed in bed,” said the MP.

And here’s the same meeting a la Jane:

Last Tuesday, the Liberal Leader followed the script he laid out in June, announcing to his caucus, who were meeting in Sudbury, Ont., for their annual summer retreat, that at their first opportunity they would move a motion of no-confidence.

“Mr. Harper, your time is up,” he said in his speech to caucus as MPs and senators jumped to their feet, cheering and applauding.

Gosh. Which anonymous Liberals to believe?

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