Season of joy and love

Excerpts from actual recent letters to the editor of Maclean’s:

“Once again, Paul Wells is completely right and Mr. Coyne is completely partisan. I’ll give Mr. Coyne this much credit, he certainly hates Canadian political institutions.” — CC, Port Dover, ON

“Could you please muzzle Paul Wells or at least put him somewhere in the back pages, so we won’t have to read his angry rant in the front of every issue? Talk about being an ideologue!!!” — ELM, no address

“Thank you so much for the article by Paul Wells in the Dec. 29/08 edition. His vitriolic Anti-Conservative diatribe warms the coccles of my heart (as Brent Butt would say). When Inkless Wells is so concerned about his fellow Socialists, I know things are not good for them.” — DC, Colborne, ON

“Wells is just as horrible an offender as Bill O’Reilly from Fox News, or Keith Olbermann on MSNBC. I can’t even stomach to listen to either of these guys.” — JJ, Stoney Creek, ON

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