So we’re agreed? No more bloggers on the ballot until the vetting team masters the fine art of cachegooglery?

This latest installment in “He wrote what?” starring Vancouver East Conservative candidate Ryan (“Son of Mark”) Warawa brought to you by and National Newswatch: has uncovered entries from the website of Vancouver East candidate Ryan Warawa in which the longtime Canadian Alliance and Conservative activist crudely disparages a variety of political figures and openly expresses his support for legalized marijuana and prostitution.

The homepage of The Warawa Report (, which is still listed with Conservative blog group Blogging Tories, currently displays a message stating that the site “is open to invited readers only”. However, cached versions of the the blog’s entries are available through a simple Google search.

In a musing entitled “Keith Martin: Basi Boys’ Bitch”, Warawa, former president of the BC Conservative Party and son of Langley MP Mark Warawa, expresses his anger over the former Canadian Alliance MP’s decision to run for the Liberals in the 2004 election.

“It appears that Keith Martin will be at home with other Liberal political whores in Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca,” Warawa writes before wondering “how many Liberal memberships [disgraced provincial Liberal staffer David] Basi offered to buy Martin with the Basi Boys’ drug money.”

Warawa also has strong words for another floor-crosser, Liberal MP Scott Brison, whom he calls a “Political Prostitute” and “Paul Martin’s Fart Catcher”.

On Liberals in general, Warawa writes in a discussion on immigration that, “It is the Liberal Party of Canada that is racist — considering that they allow Holocaust deniers like Ernst Zundel [to] run for their leadership.” (Zündel ran for the Liberal leadership in 1968, before he became publicly infamous as an antisemite.)

Liberals are not the sole recipients of Warawa’s scorn. Conservative Defence Minister Peter MacKay, dubbed “Pipsqueak Peter” and “Mr. Chameleon”, in Warawa’s estimation “fails miserably in my integrity and honesty litmus test, and I’ve yet to hear any true conservative vision…come out of MacKay’s mouth.” […]

Read the full expose here or browse a selection of (still available for the moment) posts here. (Link to archive via

What’s most unfortunate here is that the deadline for nominations has now passed, which means that the Conservatives have only two options left: stick with Warawa the Younger, or don’t field a candidate at all. Given that last time around, the NDP won the riding with more than 50% of the vote, we doubt Libby Davies is losing much sleep over either possible outcome.

(Trivia note: During the last election, the Conservative candidate was Elizabeth Pagtakhan, whose campaign was managed by her son. She was later dragged into the In and Out scandal, and was one of several witness no-shows at last month’s Ethics hearings.)

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