Stephen Harper, no longer singing

The Prime Minister does an interview with Bill Carroll of Toronto radio station Newstalk 1010.

After the inevitable questions about the rich gala, talk turns to the economy, and to political strategy. Spotlight quotes:

“The difficulty with the opposition, everyone knows, is they can complain about the deficit all they want, but everyone knows they’d run it a lot higher and they’d make it permanent.”

“We don’t want to get into a situation like the Liberals had us in in the ’90s, where they were raising taxes and cutting health care and education.”

“The problem, Bill, as we all know, is, the Opposition, for whatever reason — I don’t know who they’re listening to — but they want an election at all costs, so they’re trying to force an election and then invent a reason for it. The problem is, their lines are all untrue.”

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