The Chalk River Isotopocalypse Now - and Then

From the directive issued to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, following a unanimous vote in the House of Commons (December 10, 2007):

1. In regulating the production, possession and use of nuclear substances in order to prevent unreasonable risk to the health of persons, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission shall take into account the health of Canadians who, for medical purposes, depend on nuclear substances produced by nuclear reactors.

2. This Directive comes into force on the day on which it is registered.

From Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission chair Michael Binder’s testimony before the Standing Committee on Natural Resources (June 4, 2009):

It is important to understand that the CNSC is not responsible for making sure that there is a sufficient supply of isotopes. The CNSC is, however, responsible for making sure that whatever isotope is being produced, it is done in a safe way.