The Icarus Principle at work!

From the depths of the caucus stakeout in Quebec comes word that congratulations are in order for our favorite Conservative party spokesparrow:

From: Chelsie McIntee
To: Chelsie McIntee
Sent: Wed Jul 30 15:26:24 2008
Subject: Notice of Appointments / Avis de nominations

Doug Finley, Director of Political Operations for the Conservative Party of Canada, is pleased to announce the following appointments:

Effective July 1st, Ryan Sparrow has been appointed Director of Communication for the Conservative Party.

Effective August 1st, Geoff Donald has been appointed Deputy Director, Political Operations.

We wish both individuals great success in their new positions.

Best Regards,

Doug Finley

Director, Political Operations

National Campaign Director

In the interest of full disclosure, we should note that ITQ did not, sadly, receive a copy of the original notice, but instead were forced to rely on the kindness of colleagues. Perhaps Ms. McIntee was working from the same distribution list to which we were never successfully able to persuade Ryan Sparrow to add our address, even though it meant that we missing out on all those “fact check” news releases from the Conservative Research Group.

Come to think of it, does this mean that the Sparrow has left his part-time CRG gig, and is officially no longer on the Commons payroll?

Does the date of his appointment – July 1, which will live in infamy as the first day of the Giornodammerung – have anything to do with the anti-revolving door provisions in the Federal Accountability Act?

And finally, can anyone else name the last party communications director?

UPDATE: I just noticed that he is not, in fact, the communications director, but the director of communication without an s, which means he holds exactly the same title – and, presumably, brevet rank – as Kory Teneycke over at PMO.