The last two paragraphs of Norman Webster’s May 29 Montreal Gazette column

Back to Canada, where I always like a little news in my newspaper; don’t you? Here is an item that might have eluded most Montrealers. On Monday last, the editor-in-chief of the Globe and Mail, Edward Greenspon, met with his publisher, Phillip Crawley, was fired, escorted from the building and replaced by John Stackhouse. That’s news, surely.

Here’s another item. The line “Andrew Phillips, editor-in-chief,” was removed from The Gazette‘s masthead three weeks ago. News?

Link. Norman Webster was, of course, editor of the Globe until 1989, and then editor of The Gazette until 1993. I wonder what he makes of the first changes at the Globe, already apparent and consistent,  barely two weeks into the new regime. I don’t suppose it’s too early to admit that I find them tremendously encouraging. As for The Gazette, well… I’m told Andrew picked the timing of his own departure, a bit of a luxury these days, and that for now his former employers are content to save the money they were spending on his salary.

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