The new new poll: The ads worked! Or, Ipsos Factos

Wipe that smirk off your face, Wells. The rest of Canada is clearly deeply concerned by French French and Algonquin Park envy. The Conservatives surge — in the Greenspon memorial sense of the word “surge,” meaning “to move slightly” — from three points back to two points up on the Liberals Canada-wide. (Bigcitylib will now lead the choir in a hearty round of It’s All Within The Margin of Error.) Quebec numbers, on a wobbly smaller sample, actually closely resemble this morning’s Leger poll.

I know Ekos has been in the field lately too. I know because they robo-called me on my cell phone, with a short questionnaire suggesting, though this is mostly a hunch, a large sample. No idea who the media partner for that one is. We’ll know soon.

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