“The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “Which is to be master — that’s all.” (An ITQ Poll!)

With Andrew Scheer officially throwing his bicorn associate deputy speaker’s hat into the ring, we now have at least five MPs vying for the chance to sit in the Big Chair, which may actually be a Canadian parliamentary record for a race in which the incumbent Speaker is running for reelection, although I’m sure someone will correct me in the comment if that’s wrong. (I mean actively vying, not just those who will leave their names on the list out of forgetfulness, or just for kicks.)

So, leaving aside the needlessly complicated conspiracy theory that it’s all a cunning Conservative plot to retake the riding of Kingston and the Islands, who would ITQ readers most like to see don the robes and attempt to bring about order in the House? Merv Tweed, who has “continuously been faced with the honourable task of being fair, neutral, and open to debate” during his tenure as committee chair? His fellow former committee chair Barry Devolin, who pledges to do “whatever is necessary to make House proceedings civil and constructive”? The NDP’s Joe Comartin – so far, the only opposition MP to challenge Milliken for the job – who has “consistently strived to be well-informed, fair, and just”? If you got a ballot next Tuesday, who would you pick?

[polldaddy poll=1099686]

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