Andrew Coyne: They're already measuring drapes

Getting a little ahead of ourselves, aren’t we?

Getting a little ahead of ourselves, aren’t we? Don Martin has somehow got hold of an “exclusive tentative list of who’s in the Liberal-NDP coalition cabinet.” (Hoax alert!) Highlights: Jack Layton at Industry. Denis Coderre at Public Works. Dominic Leblanc at ACOA.

What about Environment? But of course: Senator Elizabeth May.

MEANWHILE: Frank McKenna, John Manley and Michael Ignatieff may want nothing to do with this monstrosity, but that doesn’t mean it lacks for endorsements. Ed Broadbent sees it as “an important step” towards “the dream of my life … a social-democratic government.”

Mr. Broadbent, who led the NDP for 14 years until 1989, said this week’s unprecedented deal to oust the Tories and install a Liberal-NDP coalition gives his party true power because New Democrats will be indispensable to keeping a Liberal prime minister in office.

Meanwhile, Norm Spector reports that “separatists are dancing,” with approving quotes from Pauline Marois, Bernard Landry, and … Jacques Parizeau!

Former Parti Quebecois leader Jacques Parizeau says he’s delighted and very satisfied with the Bloc Quebecois’ decision to join a coalition that could form the next federal government in Ottawa.

In an interview with the Journal de Montreal published Wednesday, Mr. Parizeau praises Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe for his “impressive victory,” in prying enough concessions out of the coalition of the New Democratic Party and Liberals to agree to back them.

His comments reflect those of the current PQ leader Pauline Marois who is using the crisis to advance her own cause in the provincial election campaign. She says the agreement allows Quebec to get $1-billion in equalization payments it would not have otherwise had. On the other hand, Ms. Marois also says the crisis shows the Canadian federation no longer functions and Quebec should separate.

But as the spiritual leader of the PQ hard line, Mr. Parizeau’s comments can only help Ms. Marois stir PQ supporters to vote for her.

“This victory sweeps aside any hesitation Quebecers might have had on the presence of the Bloc in Ottawa,” Mr. Parizeau said.

Let the explaining away begin!


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