This just in from the Technically Still Inside The City Limits Conservative Party War Room:

Well, this is new. Hey, fellow Ottawans! Apparently, the name of our city is now an epithet! I wonder how John Baird, Pierre Poilievre, Royal Galipeau or any of the local Conservative hopefuls feel about the following news release (NOTE: emphasis added):

Just the Facts

[Le français suit]

Date: September 22, 2008


Today, Jack Layton mocked the Conservative crime plan.  However, Jack Layton and the Ottawa NDP have no credibility on crime and protecting Canadians.

Layton doesn’t see criminals as a key element to crime.  This is the Ottawa NDP record on crime:

  • The Ottawa NDP opposed house arrest legislation that would keep career criminals in jail and out of our communities. (Vote: Division 53, 1 November 2006: Report Stage)
  • Ottawa NDP Justice Critic Joe Comartin, MP was critical of legislation targeting dangerous offenders (Toronto Star, 18 October 2006)
  • The Ottawa NDP does not want mandatory prison sentences. (Proposed NDP policy resolution, 2006)
  • Jack Layton’s riding association believes government has “a social and fiscal responsibility not to deprive Canadians of liberty if less restrictive measures may be appropriate” and believes public opinion is ill-informed on its view of criminals. (Proposed NDP policy resolution, 2006)
  • Layton wanted to take guns away from law abiding citizens. (Toronto City Council motion, endorsed by Jack Layton, 10 May 1991)
  • The Ottawa NDP opposed anti-terrorism legislation (Vote: Division 126, February 27, 2007). […]

The Ottawa NDP is off side with Canadians and on side with the criminal lawyer special interest groups that want criminals to walk the streets.  Only Stephen Harper will continue to protect victims and get tough on crime.

So … the NDP is Ottawa’s party now? Does that mean the only local Dipper – Ottawa Centre incumbent Paul Dewar – is about to have some company in the Capital Caucus? Or was this some sort of unfortunate accident with a global search and replace macro?

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