Try BC-STV (not the real thing, but an incredibly lifelike simulation)

This is pretty cool. It simulates the voting process under BC’s proposed STV, using the actual proposed ridings and the current lineup of candidates — in other words, as if the current provincial election were being held under STV rules.

Here, for example, is what the ballot would look like in Burnaby-New Westminster, a five-member riding. You can vote as you would in an election, ranking the candidates from 1 to whatever you like. It immediately becomes apparent, as you do so, how much more the individual candidate counts than in first-past-the-post elections. You start thinking, hmmm, I want the Liberals to do well, but I like that Dawn Black from the NDP, wouldn’t mind seeing her as one of the five. Maybe I’ll put her third? And so on.

Then you submit your vote, the computer tallies it with the votes other people have cast in the same riding, and you can see the results: how candidates are knocked out, and how their votes are redistributed through successive rounds.

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