Turns out formerly-secret memos and talking points really do want to be free!

(Apologies if you tuned into the earlier version of this post – something wonky happened that caused me to lose pretty much the whole thing, and I didn’t notice until I’d posted a half-finished draft. Sigh. It was a really good post, too.)

Thanks to the Globe and Mail, the rest of us can finally read all about those proposed cuts to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency:

ITQ hasn’t yet had time to peruse the documents in detail — we wanted to get the links up first, what with all that armchair lawyer smack talking that was going on here earlier today.

We did, however,  notice that, according to the November 17th memo, Swan was required to submit a progress report on the implementation of all supported reallocation proposals by August 18, 2008 – just two days ago. Given that the talking points were last updated in June, it’s difficult to rationalize this with yesterday’s statement by the minister that there have been “no cuts” as of yet:

It was a discussion document. Certain portions of that were brought forward in the budget and put into play, but the vast majority was up for discussion and has not been implemented.

More thoughts later, when we’ve had time to digest this new information – and once again, big thankses to the Globe for making it available.