TyrannicalMajorityWatch: Wait, is this a rerun from last June?

So, do y’all remember what happened last year, when Peter Van Loan achieved the dubious notoriety of becoming the first government house leader in Canadian parliamentary history to lose a vote on a routine motion to extend sitting hours before the summer recess? Well, I’m watching CPAC right now, and it looks like Jay Hill may be about to become the second. I’ll let you know what happens after the vote.

UPDATE: Still voting, but all three opposition parties appear to be voting against the motion, which means that it will come down to which side was able to get more MPs in the House on short (well, fifteen minutes) notice.

FINAL UPDATE: Yup, that’s one dead motion. Expect a snarlingly self-righteous press release from Hill’s office within the hour.

AFTERTHOUGHTDATE: As I just noted to a friend via email, “To lose a routine motion to extend the sitting hours once is a tragedy; twice looks like carelessness.” (On the off chance that there are any other Wilde fans out there, I thought they might appreciate that.)