Watch the skies

This week’s print edition of Maclean’s is so cool it will make you plotz. Look: Three covers! Not one on each issue, and you have to collect all three — that would be very Entertainment Weekly, circa 1995. No, with our patented Nesting Cover Technology™, we have managed to put three cover pages on each issue of Maclean’s. And the faces on those covers? And the stories they tell? Lookie:

My favourite thing about this three-cover feature is the way we added the Professor and Mary Ann down there on the lower right-hand corner of Layton’s cover. My second-favourite thing is that we actually have profiles of all five party leaders, with new reporting and fresh insights on each: Wells on Harper, Geddes on Dion, Wherry on Layton, Kingston on May, Patriquin on Duceppe.

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