WHAT a surprise

A long letter in La Presse finds hints of “Duplessisme” in Michael Ignatieff’s Liberal party’s Quebec wing. “We deserve better,” the authors write, in a twist on Ignatieff’s own campaign slogan. The authors are John Lennard, who worked on Bob Rae’s leadership campaign and whose blog carries pictures of Dalton McGuinty, Stéphane Dion and Bob Rae (find the missing Liberal), and Jonathan Pedneault, who seems like an earnest fellow. (As a bonus, Lennard’s blog has an English version of the La Presse letter.)

This is almost precisely where I came in. In April 2008 I watched Stéphane Dion try to explain that the Quebec wing of his party was doing fine. This is always difficult when it isn’t so. As Mr. Ignatieff will soon demonstrate.

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