UPDATED: Whatever you do, don’t look around the corner! – Not liveblogging Jim Prentice at the UN climate change conference

Huh. Well, that was odd.

ITQ was all ready to liveblog Jim Prentice’s conference call from New York City to discuss ” his participation at the United Nations Secretary General Leaders Summit on climate change.” But when she called in to register — less than five minutes before the call was scheduled to get underway — the apologetic, if slightly frazzled-sounding voice on the other end of the phone informed her that it had just –like seconds before — been cancelled without explanation.

Now, to be fair, the call might have been called off due to some sort of last minute timing conflict — maybe the minister is running late, or perhaps he wasn’t able to get to a phone since he was so busy explaining to everyone in earshot that Canada will have “bold and forward-looking climate change policies with respect to all sources of carbon emissions” by the end of the year.  Still, it’s hard to see it as a terribly auspicious omen as far as the prime minister’s dinner plans this evening.

UPDATE: Found him — or, at least, where he may, in theory, be later today. According to the official programme, this afternoon, Canada will take part in a roundtable co-chaired by Mongolia and the European Commission.

Also, you guys? I don’t want to needlessly alarm anyone, but a quick poke around the summit website reveals that Canada isn’t exactly taking on what you might call a major role at this event.

Not only is the prime minister not scheduled to speak at the conference itself, but he hasn’t even provided a video statement instead (insert Stephane Dion cameraman joke here). Instead, he’s apparently heading off for a meet ‘n’ greet with Mayor Bloomberg before the post-summit leaders’ dinner, where he once again won’t be speaking.

Which seems a little unlike him — I mean, ordinarily, this is a guy who relishes the opportunity to look all statesmanly on the world stage. Canada’s still back, right? Then again, this is one venue where the “stay the course” mantra that his government has adopted as its motto wouldn’t exactly fit with the overall theme.

Anyway, ITQ will keep you posted on further events — or non-events — as they happen. Or don’t happen. Man, this would be so much easier if she was in New York.

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