While we wait for the next round of proactive disclosure reports to show up* ...

… CUP Hill bureau chief turned intrepid freelance reporter Nick Taylor-Vaisey has compiled last year’s travel and hospitality expenses for every public servant in Canada, and has begun posting his findings. First up — the top spender of 2007-2008 — and no, I’m not going to spoil the surprise; you’re just going to have to click on over to his site to find out. (When you think about it, it’s actually not that surprising, really. Okay, no more hints.)

He’s promising to put up more data in the days ahead, so bookmark him, and check back regularly.

*Please tell ITQ she’s not the only one who has been haunting the Treasury Board website — specifically, the master list of departmental proactive disclosure portals —  for weeks now, mostly because both she and the government appear to have lost track of time, as far as it applies to the quarterly deadlines for filing.