From the comment board on Stephen Taylor’s blog on the day Stephen Harper served notice of libel to Stéphane Dion and the Liberal party of Canada:

Gravatar You should post a screen shot of the Liberal web page as well as the statement I read relates to shock at an admission – a distinct way of saying what is being said and different from what you have set out. The Liberal position appears to be that the Prime Minister has admitted to something not that he was involved. A fine point but not one that would be lost in any l

egal review.

Also, remember plaintiffs also have to subject themselfes to documentary discovery including their planning relevant to these events.

Gravatar Go get them Steven. It’s time to expose these jackals and their methods. Dion liberals are like a pack of wild dogs frothing at the mouth and need to be brought under control. Then watch them backtrack.

Gravatar Richard G. Dearden is someone you definitely want on your side when the going gets rough — whoa!

Gravatar Withdrawl of the alleged statements made by the leading individuals and the Liberal party are quickly coming to a head. Hearing the latest from Mr. Cadman’s wife sure changes things dramatically. Hour by hour some new evidence comes forth and further dilutes the terminology that was presented prior to this fiasco. End results will be a nothing newsstory that started with the liberals who had/have absolutely nothing to run on. When you have nothing, you invent sleaze to see how much will actually stick. This time they have been taken to task and it will be interesting to see if the liberals withdraw and retract their website ad accompanied by an apology. You better be prepared to swallow fast, when you bite off more than you can chew. Time will tell.

Gravatar Hey Stephen – the notice is not showing in either IE or Firefox.

Gravatar Wow! Go get ’em PM Harper!

Gravatar The “bribery” stories are still up on, so I guess the Liberals think they’re telling the truth, or have enough evidence to defend themselves.

Gravatar This is the salvo to the LIEberals:

“Welcome to Hades ladies and gentlemen the temperature should be rising shortly!”

The LIEberals have been muckraking for so long they don’t even know right from wrong anymore.

One wonders whether the LIEberals would like a slow bake or be done extra crispy.


Hans-Christian Georg Rupprecht BGS, PDP, CFP

Commander in Chief

Frankenstein Battalion

2nd Squadron: Ulanen-(Lancers) Regiment Großherzog Friedrich von Baden(Rheinisches) Nr.7(Saarbrucken)

Knecht Rupprecht Division

Hans Corps

1st Saint Nicolaas Army

Army Group “True North”

Gravatar Now we’re talking. This should be fun.

Gravatar Liberals should repeat,

Keith Boag has called the PMs office to see if others may be served. Is he worried about being named, for his enthusiastic reporting of this.

Many comments have been posted on various blogs saying this would come back big time and bite the Liberals.

Gravatar Good. Wanna play fast and loose, Stephane? Be prepared to take a hard fall.


Senior Liberal strategists are brushing off Harper’s lawsuit, saying they are confident that they can utilize the principle tool in which to defend against a libel claim: the defence of truth.

Asked how they plan to prove the truth of allegations which stem from the word of a dead man, a senior adviser to Dion quipped back:

“you obviously haven’t been keeping up with the times, ever hear of the movie ‘Poltergeist’?”

Liberal insiders are confident that they can employ a spiritual medium to contact Cadman in the afterlife (citing the eerie sounding short women from the popular ’80’s horror movie as evidence that such contact is possible), though they admit there may be some difficulty actually serving him with a subpoena.

The Toronto Star has contacted several experts who say that, while serving the dead with a subpoena may be difficult, it is legally possible.

Said one legal expert hired by the Star:

“One thing is certain, this latest Liberal salvo must be making Harper very nervous. No one wants to be in the unenviable position of having to impeach the credibility of a dead man on the witness stand.”

Gravatar come on – the liberals can contact the dead. Who was that leadership candidate the dead were supporting?

Gravatar The Libel Suit should be expanded to include Bob Rae. This is him yesterday:

“What the Harper tape about Chuck Cadman shows is this: Mr Harper knew, and authorized a sleazy deathbed offer by Tom Flanagan and Doug Finley to Mr Cadman. This is how these guys do business.”

As for the strength of the case – Kinsella worked for the lawyer handling it. Here’s what he says:

“In the past twenty years or so, I can’t recall a single libel case he has lost.”

Gravatar Likely the meat of this strategy is the paragraph requiring Dion and Co. to apologize in the House about the remarks.

What great press that would be for the Conservatives and Harper.

Gravatar Big-man-Rae: “This is how these guys do business.”

Yeah, sure. The problem with the Librano$ is that they think everyone is like them. ‘No ability to discern differences–or, as others have pointed out, right from wrong.

They’re stuck on stupid and they don’t even know it.

‘Going down…glug, glug, glug…

Gravatar Stephen — Somewhat unrelated, but nice to see a Scribd application implemented. I just ran across this niftly little plug-in last week and wondered how it might work out in practice and here you’ve demonstrated that… so thanks! Cheers.

Gravatar How any intelligent person believes
anyone, including the PM can find
a insurance company that would do this, please leave their name here so
I can call them!
The Canadian are becoming as stupid
as the American liberals. I always
say, “they cannot get lower than
that and they do so on a daily basis”
I expect the idiots will go with
this as long as they think they
are making life horrible for the
Prime Minister and the conservaties.
Too bad the truth will come out and
they will, once again, look like
rather nasty people who cannot win
anything without this type of
I suspect there will be Canadians
who will believe this, will love
to believe this, but in time
even they might have to see this is
just another liberal game.

Gravatar There’s really nothing to gain for Harper past the headlines “Harper serves Dion” today. If he takes it further the Liberals will also have the legal right to defend themselves by issuing subpoenas for conservative party documents, donors to Stephen Harpers leadership campaigns…things conservatives don’t want Liberals to know. I think Harper knows this so he won’t proceed past today’s letter if he has any sense.

Gravatar Perhaps the Liberals will finally wake up and realize that they are not simply entitled to power in this country. I realize this comes as a systemic shock to them.

The Liberals have provided a vivid example to my teenage children of how NOT to conduct oneself as an adult. Oddly, in this respect, I am thankful for their shameful, Faustian shenanigans.

What bumblers.

Gravatar What Kelly said.

Too many of you seem to think only the liberals have to disclose.

Justice is a two way street

Gravatar Justice is a two way street

Of course, this is only the law firm that has never lost a libel suit, but what do they know….

Gravatar Actually Gayle, the LPC will have to have full disclosure concerning it Fin records as well so that damages can be properly applied. The CPC does not have to disclose anything that is not in the least bit relevant to the subject matter. Harpers next step should be to announce once it is filed that all monetary damages received will be equally split between Charity and the debt.

Gravatar Kelly, we’re dealing with one issue here.
I think it’s about time the government on behalf of the people get an inquiry going into Shawinigate as well.
So, don’t get too anxious for delving into anything further with this on the Liberal plate.

Harper is serious and means business, he doesn’t play silly games in his position as Prime Minister. This is no joke. Dion and the rest of the howlers like Iggy and Goodale will ignore this at their peril.

They can have Shawn Murphy write an apology for them if they find it too difficult. Judging by the prolific and long apology he made in the HOC over his stupendous rant about hanging Muloney, he has the talent for apologies.

Gravatar The liberals are about to find out that throwing the rule book in the garbage can will only get them so far.
I wonder how this will affect the liberals ability to raise money, what would be the point of giving money to the liberals if it will only go to the Conservatives in a lawsuit?




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