Why, my goodness - the Conservatives have revamped the party website! Who saw that coming?

It’s leadershiparific! And the ratio of Firm, Yet Sensitive Stephen Harper to Shrugging Stephane Dion is at an all-time high of 4:1! Okay, Liberals, NDP, Greens, Marxist-Leninists, John Turmel – it’s your move.

UPDATE: Hey, I recognize this scene of gleeful Conservatives brandishing curiously abstract, verb-free signs:

It’s from Canada’s Then Still Determinedly Calling Itself New Government’s second anniversary celebration, as liveblogged by ITQ. (Note: That link actually goes to a newly reposted version of the original liveblog, because I couldn’t stand the thought of forcing one of our hideous pre-WordPress URLs on unsuspecting readers. Otherwise, it’s complete and unedited from the original post.)

Should I be worried that I recognized it right away? I blame the thundersticks.