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Coalition would be guided by all-star economic council

A high-profile, four-person economic council would guide a Liberal-NDP coalition government on finance matters, CTV News has learned.

CTV’s Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife reported Monday that the council would comprise Frank McKenna, Paul Martin, John Manley and Roy Romanow.

“This is a way to assure Canadians the economy would be managed properly,” Fife told CTV Newsnet.

The panel of “wise men” would help the new government navigate the current global economic turbulence, he said.

The list includes three Liberals and one New Democrat, though none currently hold elected office.

Oh, that… And the product of all this wiseness?

Fife also reported that the coalition government would introduce a $30-billion economic stimulus package and roll back $50 billion in planned corporate tax cuts.

Now, I never did have much of a head for figgerin’, but … lessee… carry the three, cipher the one … danged if that don’t come out to negative 20!

IN OTHER WORDS: They’re going to raise taxes into a recession. That’s why we’re going through all this: so they can raise taxes into a recession.

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