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From La Presse comes news that Jean-Marc Fournier, who put in a year and a half as Michael Ignatieff’s senior Quebec advisor, is returning to Quebec politics to run as the Liberal candidate to replace Jacques Dupuis.

Dupuis has been Jean Charest’s house leader and public-security minister. His departure leaves a large hole in a beleaguered government front bench. The size of the hole Fournier leaves in Ottawa is open to genuine debate. Fournier, an amiable sort, has frequently been seen wandering around Ottawa looking a little bewildered. It’s possible to be a Quebec City person and an Ottawa person, but most people only ever really master one. But he was well regarded in OLO circles, precisely because he’s wired a little differently from the federal-politics lifers. No word yet on his replacement; until now, there was no word on his departure.

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