Photo gallery: Ontario Liberal Party convention

Kathleen Wynne becomes Canada’s first openly gay premier

One hundred or so protesters greeted Liberals Saturday morning as they arrived at the leadership convention. Later in the day, there would be thousands outside the former Maple Leaf Gardens.

'You never know what's going to happen,' said interim federal Liberal leader Bob Rae when he addressed an early-morning crowd in the half-empty arena on Saturday.

'Renewal has to be deep,' Gerard Kennedy said during his pitch to delegates. 'It has to be real.' (Nathan Denette, The Canadian Press)

'Is Ontario ready for a gay premier?' Kathleen Wynne asked during her speech.

Results of the first ballot: Pupatello, 599; Wynne: 597; Kennedy: 281; Sousa: 222; Takhar: 235; Hoskins: 150.

Eric Hoskins was the last to speak Saturday morning and the first to leave the ballot. He immediately threw his support behind Wynne. (Nathan Denette, The Canadian Press)

Sandra Pupatello finished at the top of the first ballot, just two votes ahead of Wynne. (The Canadian Press)

Wynne was waiting with a hug for Hoskins. 'You know anything can happen,' she said, 'but this is a terrific signal.' (Frank Gunn, The Canadian Press)

Harinder Takhar endorsed Pupatello after the first ballot. 'I think what’s really important for us right now is to move the province forward, work together and eliminate the deficit,' he said of his decision. (Frank Gunn, The Canadian Press)

On the second ballot, Pupatello earned 817 votes while Wynne came second with 750. (Frank Gunn, The Canadian Press)

Other results from the second ballot: Kennedy: 285; Sousa: 203; Takhar: 18.

Pupatello cheers the second ballot results. (Nathan Denette, The Canadian Press)

Wynne ended up with the support of Hoskins, Sousa and Gerard Kennedy, who finished in third place. Kennedy told reporters that he

As voting got underway on the third ballot, Pupatello insiders acknowledged their candidate had lost. (Nathan Denette, The Canadian Press)

Third ballot: Wynne, 1,150; Pupatello, 866.

Wynne told delegates that Ontario is ready for a gay woman to be premier. 'The province has changed," she said. "Our party has changed.'

'Now we have the challenges ahead of us and we’re going to need all of us working together," Wynne said as she accepted victory. (The Canadian Press)

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Friday at the OLP Convention: A farewell to Premier Dad

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty thanked his party as he said goodbye on Friday evening in Toronto. “It has been my joy and honour,” he said of the nine years he spent as premier.

Outgoing Premier Dalton McGuinty said thanks and farewell to Liberal supporters on Friday evening at Toronto's former Maple Leaf Gardens. (Nathan Denette, The Canadian Press)

'If we could have half the success you've had, we would be delighted,' leadership contender Sandra Pupatello told McGuinty. (Nathan Denette, The Canadian Press)

Leadership contender Harinder Takhar spent much of the day insisting he's out for the top job — rather than poised to play premier-maker. (Frank Gunn, The Canadian Press)

Charles Sousa confided that he once spilled water on McGuinty during QP. 'I still survived the next cabinet shuffle.' (Frank Gunn, The Canadian Press)

Interim federal Liberal Leader Bob Rae shared a laugh with the outgoing premier. (Nathan Denette, The Canadian Press)

'This is about a very special man,' Gerard Kennedy said during his brief tribute. (Frank Gunn, The Canadian Press)

'The future is in good hands,' McGuinty told Liberals. 'Our party has never been stronger.' (Nathan Denette, The Canadian Press)

MPP Kathleen Wynne thanked McGuinty's wife and children for their sacrifices. (Frank Gunn, The Canadian Press)

McGuinty also thanked his wife during his farewell: 'You gave me the strength I needed by making our home a place where premiers and politics count for nothing, but where being a dad and a husband count for everything.' (Frank Gunn, The Canadian Press)

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