The Great Puppy Election: finally, a campaign with no bad candidates

Ontario voters have slogged their way through a dismal campaign. It’s time to cast a vote you can really feel good about

Ontarians go to the polls today to cast their ballots after a real slog of a campaign. Revive your spirit by casting a vote for a candidate you actually like in the Maclean’s Puppy Election 2018. Watch your hard-working candidates on the live feed below and vote for your favourite. We’ll announce the winner tonight!

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The Paw-ty platforms

The Pugressive Conservatives vouch for more water breaks. The Liberal Retrievers pledge to have more substantial belly rubs. The Green Paw-ty endorse more walkies outside. The New Democratic Puppies promise more treats for all good doggies.

The great doggie debate

Scout, Bugsey, Chloe and Odee

In a debate hosted by Maclean’s earlier today, the candidates engaged respectfully but vigorously on the issues that matter to their constituents. Here are some highlights:

Pugressive Conservatives

“My furry friends, while your Liberal retrievers are already getting their bellies rubbed from their elite masters with no care for the common pup, I’ll be sticking my tongue out in protest, in an effort to get you the best quality water. No more panting under my puppy premiership.”

Liberal Retrievers

“These New Democratic Puppies are naive, and don’t get how the supply and demand of treats work. Humans don’t understand our woof commands. But you know what we can summon with our puppy eyes? A belly rub. And Dog knows we need those more than ever these days.”

New Democratic Puppies

“Sure, trust the Pugs without a costed puppy platform. But just keep in mind that playing in puddles is all it takes for natural hydration. Treats, on the other paw, are sacred to our masters, and we have a long-term plan to increase the dose of the four-letter word without any dog-ficits.”

Green Paw-ty

“The time is now to tug at your leashes for more walks in nature, into the woods where you can run free, potty in privacy, and bond with your human for the ultima—[snaps head to the left] SQUIRREL!

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