Question Period Live

The House of Commons is back: Live video

Watch the first question period of the season in Ottawa. We’re carrying it live at 2:15 pm ET.

Maclean’s Live: Watch question period in Ottawa

As Canada reacts to a shocking weekend, Parliament returns from its winter break. We’re liveblogging QP.

Justin Trudeau’s first QP as prime minister

The new House, full of Liberal rookies and veterans alike, is an awkward, beautiful expression of democracy

Ottawa readies itself for the 2015 election campaign

Stephen Harper and Tom Mulcair battle one last time before the election that could seal their fates

QP Live: May 29

Your daily dose of political theatre

What of that $15-billion arms deal with the Saudis?

On this day, MPs were mostly silent about Canadian-brokered deal with the repressive Middle Eastern regime

Behold the power of the parliamentary softball

The backbenches are where question period’s real news lies in wait—just kidding

For Tom Mulcair, wretched governance is measured in absolutes

Tom Mulcair, like Michael Ignatieff before him, loves to oppose the Conservative government in bulk

Why Ottawa applauded thalidomide victims

All-party ovations are rare. But one advocate deserved the attention.

Abortion cracks QP as pro-lifers rally on Parliament Hill

But the question didn’t oppose abortion. And the March for Life crowd won’t be happy with the Tories.

Some Canadian families are not real. Just ask Parliament.

Who even counts as a real family as politicians dismiss each other’s allegedly pro-family policy?